Aranese company Arantec Engineering formed by a group of engineers, programmers and designers of interfaces specializing in wireless sensor networks (WSN) at the service of Smart Cities, under the Smarty Planet brand of cloud solutions for the measurement and control of environmental phenomena and for the Internet of Things (IoT), it has been honored with the ANYWHERE Project Innovation Challenge prize that was awarded during the 5th General Assembly of the ANYWHERE working group held in Spiez, Switzerland, from March 6 to 10.


The ANYWHERE Project organizes an Innovation Challenge to select the best innovative idea to complement the ANYWHERE products and services. The prize consists of the invitation to become a new partner of the ANYWHERE consortium and receive € 50,000 of a specific budget to cover the costs of the work associated with this implementation.

The ANYWHERE Project

The project “EnhANcing EmergencY Management and Response to Extreme WeatHer and climate Events” (ANYWHERE) is funded by the research and innovation program Horizon 2020 of the European Commission (EC-HORIZON2020-PR700099-ANYWHERE) and started in June 2016.


The objective of the project is to integrate the various advanced extreme weather prediction algorithms and their direct impacts into an accessible platform that can be used at different levels, helping all types of administrations such as Civil Protection and general and regional administrations, as well as the population in general. Designed to help protect against damage caused by weather and, ultimately, save lives.


The project has partners from 12 countries and is coordinated by the Center for Applied Research in Hydrometeorology of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, which includes 6 companies, 12 operational authorities and 13 research and development partners, ensuring the capacity and high standards of the project results, as well as its application and acceptance in the market.


In this European project include partners such as Airbus (, the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF-https: // the Finnish Meteorological Institute (http : //, the Catalan Water Agency ( and universities.


Within the ANYWHERE project ( the Innovation Challenge initiative has been developed in order to find innovative ideas to improve administration and response during emergencies, helping to complement the products and services of ANYWHERE. These ideas will be based on the following concepts:


  • Integration or use of ANYWHERE products in an innovative solution with strong commercial application and preferably with a high benefit of social impact. The proposed solutions may include a plan to commercially exploit it in a relevant market and it will be preferred to include specific requests or interested clients.
  • Tools, algorithms or innovative processes that can be integrated into the ANYWHERE platform and that could improve it as a whole. Proposals can be exclusively technological (IT) or a broader solution that also includes operational processes.

ANYWHERE 2020 Innovation Challenge

Among the more than 20 innovative ideas received by institutions and companies, two finalists have been chosen, GeoAdaptive and Arantec Engineering, which have submitted their candidacy to be part of the ANYWHERE project in the “5th General Assembly meeting” on the 6th to March 10 in Spiez, Switzerland.


GeoAdaptive ( is a planning and development strategy company that specializes in the use of geospatial technologies to solve complex economic, environmental and social problems in a variety of territories, scales and industries. It is responsible for implementing and integrating advanced techniques in space economy, risk analysis, socio-ecological models and place-based design, to create solid strategies for clients around the world, reducing their risks and maximizing their opportunities for sustainable and inclusive growth.


Among its solutions related to the ANYWHERE project are those aimed at modeling risk analysis and climate change, risk probabilities in cities and mainstreaming aimed at resilience and disaster risk reduction (DRR).


Arantec-Smarty Planet (, is a company in charge of providing “cloud” solutions for the measurement and control of environmental phenomena. It is responsible for designing, developing and producing its own software and hardware to offer customers complete and reliable solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). In short, unique integrated solutions that are reliable, compatible, cost-effective, easy to implement and intuitive to use.


Arantec Engineering sells Smarty Planet complete solutions for monitoring and remote control, designed for the needs of different sectors, such as hydraulic works, roads, smart cities, agriculture, airports and railways.


Smarty Planet sensor stations are monitoring and remote control solutions designed specifically for riverbeds, rivers and rivers (Smarty River), snow monitoring (Smarty Snow), water quantity and quality (Smarty Water), weather stations (Smarty Meteo) , control of forest fires (Smarty Forest), acoustic and environmental quality (Smarty Sound) and air quality (Smarty Air).


In the presentation, in charge of Eisharc Jaquet, CEO of Arantec Engineering and Mario Losáñez, Director of Business Development, have shown the necessary tools for the integration of the ANYWHERE products together with the Smarty Planet service to propose the development of a capable tool to give Smarty Anywhere services to the final customer.


On March 9, the Consortium decided that the winner of the most innovative idea to improve the platform, and what from now on, as a new partner, will implement their idea or tool selected on the ANYWHERE platform is Arantec-Smarty Planet.


About Smarty Planet Solutions

Smarty River  System of Early Warning (SAT) for floods and hydrological monitoring, is a solution that allows in a simple and real-time mode, record, visualize, manage alarms and share data on monitoring and the status of rivers and reservoirs.


Smarty Snow System of prevention and control of avalanches or snow avalanches, and winter road management. With this technology, the risk of avalanches or avalanches of snow in the mountain is controlled, avoiding damage to infrastructures and ski resorts.


Smarty Water Sensor station for the control and monitoring of water quantity and quality. using flow meters or meters, provides control of circulating flows through the supply and sanitation networks, in addition to monitoring continuously and without monitoring those parameters related to water quality, such as temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity , ammonium, nitrates, etc.


Smarty Meteo  Scientific grade for Smart Cities compact meteorological stations. Self-sufficient sensory solution designed specifically to perform the measurement of environmental parameters and thus be able to offer an added value in the meteorological service of cities through wireless environmental sensors for Smartphones.


Smarty Sound Sonometers for the monitoring and control of environmental noise, specifically designed for the remote measurement in decibels (dbA) of noise pollution in streets and outdoor areas, as well as in industrial facilities.


Smarty Air Sensor station for the control of air quality, allows to record, visualize, manage alarms and share data on the status of air quality and levels of air pollution.


Arantec Engineering develops its projects in Spain, Europe and South America, as well as implementing Smarty Planet solutions in collaboration with various Partners in Portugal, Andorra, Estonia, France, Malta, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

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