PAR Sensor

PAR Sensor for measuring solar radiation and data analysis with Smartyplanet


The PAR sensor SP-RK200-02 is a solution designed for the measurement of solar radiation. The wavelengths they detect range from 400 to 700 nanometers.

The installation of this sensor is simple and can work under all kinds of weather conditions.

The sensor detects the intensity of the incident light. This is flipped since they are proportional.

The data obtained from voltage are sent and analyzed through the Smartyplanet web platform thanks to its total compatibility.




The PAR sensor SP-RK200-02 is the solution for the measurement of solar radiation within 400 to 700 nm of wavelengths.
It can be easily installed anywhere and under all kinds of weather conditions.
The sensor contains a detector composed of silicon that detects the intensity of incident light that causes the sun.
Each product has a different sensitivity coefficient that is proportional to the cosine of the angle with which sunlight shines.
The intensity is proportional to the voltage it generates. Therefore, these voltage data are transmitted and analyzed instantly through the Smartyplanet web platform.

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