Wind Direction Sensor

Wind direction sensor and data analysis with Smartyplanet


The SPR110-01 wind direction sensor is the ideal solution for wind direction in any environment.

Its metal construction makes it a highly reliable product even in adverse weather conditions.

The installation of the wind direction sensor is simple and the maintenance required is minimal.

The collected data are automatically uploaded to the Smartyplanet web platform. Through this, they are analyzed either for a study on wind resources or for similar applications that require accuracy and reliability.

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The SPR110-01 wind direction sensor is a sensitive wind direction indicator that provides data on this.
It is the ideal solution to know the direction of the wind in any environment.
Its composition is based on corrosion resistant metal materials such as high strength aluminum and stainless steel. This allows you to maintain high reliability.
The construction of the product makes it work well even when subjected to adverse weather conditions.
Its installation is simple and proves to be an ideal sensor for the evaluation study of wind resources and similar applications that require precision, reliability and minimum maintenance.
Thanks to its compatibility with the Smartyplanet web platform, the data it registers can be analyzed instantly.

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